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PPL(A)  - Night VFR

PPL(A) - Night VFR

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Entry Requirements:

  • Age 16 years - skilltest not before < 17 years 
  • Class 2 medical certificate
  • Flight Radio Telephony Operators License in German and/or English language
  • Language proficiency Level 4 in case you target for an IR Instrument Rating


Privileges and conditions

A NIT (Night VFR) for aeroplanes will allow you to act as pilot in command (PIC) in non-commercial operations on aeroplanes SEP(l) or touring motor glider (TMGs). The exception to this is for holders of a PPL (A) with instructor or examiner privileges, who can be paid for the following:


1 Flight instruction

2 Conducting skill tests and proficiency checks for the LAPL (A) or PPL (A) and any associated ratings and endorsements.



Personal add on:


1) Class Ratings

  •  SET(l) Single Engine Turbine - you need to attend also a HPA High Performance Aircraft Course
  • MEP(l) Multi Engine Piston


2) other Ratings

  • Acrobatic
  • IR Instrument Rating (standard or CB IR Competence Based Instrument Rating)
  • Mountain Raiting
  • Seaplabe Rating (s)
  • Towing (Sailplane and/or Banner)


Experience requirements and crediting

You will need to complete at least 5 hours of night flight instruction on aeroplanes. 0 hours of which may have been completed in an approved flight simulator (an FSTD – flight simulation training device), including at least:


min. 3 hours of dual flight instruction,

min. 1 hours of  cross country flight of at least 50 km (27 NM).

1 progress check (not necessary, but it is our standard)

5 Full Stop-Landings 


Parallel you will get a 5 hrs. theory hold either in a class room or via CBT or video conference.


The AAAA NVFR Training is sometimes required by insurance companies and grants in our case flown on our planes also the EASA FCL.710 endorsements " Difference Training" SEP(land)  EFIS, SLPC and TURBO. 


  • Terms & Condition

    Althoug the price is based on "fair use" and represents an all inclusive amount we will re-charge the student for any hour after passing the target hours for the Training course. The target is considered as legally required block time hours plus 1 hrs. For example  PPL(A) NIT:  5 hrs. + 1 hrs. = Target 6 hrs block time (Time-out till Time-in). 

  • Training - All inclusive! 5 hrs. Class/CBT

    1. Administration fee at Alpe Adria Aviation Academy
    2. Classroom Training 10 hours
      • Traing material ( Advanced PPL-Guide )
    3. CBT Training (Computer Based Training) 5hrs.
      • iOs & Desktop APP login @ AIRACADEMY
      • PEXO - Education Progress Check
      • Online Questions Trainer @ AIRACADEMY
    4. Flight Instruction 5 block time hours + 1 hours "fair use"
    5. Aeroplane 4 Seater - G1000NXi 
  • Additional investments - please check carefully!

    1. NO Membership
    2. Class 2 medical certificate
    3. Flight Radio Telephony Operator License
      • FRTOL Class room for BFZ (& English = EFZ)
      • Examination fee at Authority
      • (for IR Instrument Rating EFZ & IR = AFZ)
    4. Language proficiency at least level 4 (if, English is used e.g. IR)
    5. Flight Bag
      • Flight Bag
      • Flight Cap
      • Sun Glasses
      • ICAO Chart Austria
      • NAV Triangle 
      • NAV calculator or computer
      • Kneeboard
      • Pilot Logbook
      • Head Set (activ or passiv)
      • Survival Kit
    6. Airport Klagenfurt (LOWK) Entry Card
    7. NO! Theory - Examination fee at Austrocontrol GmbH (Vienna)
    8. NO! Skill Test 
      • aeroplane
      • Approach, landing & parking fees
      • Examination fee
    9.  Authority fee for paperwork
  • Skill Test

    You will NOT need to complete a skill test after you have completed all the flying requirements.

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