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Diamond DA42NG-VI

Diamond DA42NG-VI


1hrs.  Flight hour  



  • BEW 1.465kg / Usable Load 534kg / Pay Load 370kg /MZFW 1835kg / 1.999kg MTOW 
  • FUEL:  2x25GAL  2x13GAL (AUX) JET-A1/0,8kg/l   approx. 12GAL/hr. fuel flow @75% @165KTAS 
  • G1000
  • Syntethic Vision
  • Traffic alert
  • OX for 1 Crew 3 Pax
  • full RNP approved 
  • Stormscope
  • WX Radar
  • Anti-Ice protection
  • Terms & Conditions

    Min. OPS Requirements:

    • Renters Approval (Check out & Emergencies)
    • valid LAPL(A)
    • valid Medical LAPL(A)
    • 90 days on Type 
    •  no commercial use for renters, except Wingly OPS
    • Grass runways are not automatically approved. Please see approved grass runways @ page for corresponding aircraft!

    MANDATORY: all valid EASA  regulations have to be fulfilld by PIC pilot in command responsibility. Renter = PIC or pilot assigned by renter and certified, checked out and approved by AAAH.


    • Admin fee: we charge 250€ (brutto) as annual fee (01.01. to 31.12)

    Min. usage/Year:  15 hrs.  In order to keep the pilots up to date we kindly ask them to fly min. 15 hours a year with our aircarft to stay airworthy. After 12 month of rentral min. 15 hrs. will be set to zero on renters  rental account. If not used - you will loose it!

    • Approach and Landing fees, except at Airport LOWK (Klagenfurt) have to be paid directly by renter. Otherwize a 10% admin fee will be applied for payments through us.
    • Fuel add: Due to econimcal situation a fuel add to rental minutes can any time be applied. Customer will be informed on monthly base - earliest May, 2022. Base of fuel calculation was 1.8€/l JET-A1 @ LOWK (Klagenfurt) 2021.


€ 636,00 Regular Price
€ 624,00Sale Price
VAT Included |
Anker 1
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