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Experience requirements

You will need to complete at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command (PIC) on aeroplanes in addition to the below requirements. We do highly recommend to attend a IR module first and or finish a CPL(A) course.  And YES - you are allowed to fly a PA46T  under VFR and with a PPL(A) license.....


    Theoretical knowledge training

    You will need to take 30 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in PA46T operations including a theoretical test.


    Flight instruction

    You will need to complete at least 10 block hours of dual flight instruction in  your own PA46T. We can also offer our PA46T for training (1.000€/hr. excl. VAT)



    To revalidate the rating, you must pass a proficiency check in a multi-engine piston (single-pilot) aeroplane or in an FSTD representing such an aeroplane.


    Proficiency check requirements

    The proficiency check must take place within the 3 months preceding the rating’s expiry date and you must have completed the following during the validity period of the rating:

    • at least 10 route sectors as pilot of a single-pilot multi-engine aeroplane, or
    • at least 1 route sector as pilot of a single-pilot multi-engine aeroplane or FFS, flown with an examiner. This route sector may be flown during the proficiency check.

    Exemption for commercial air transport pilots

    • If you work as a pilot for an approved commercial air transport operator and you have passed the operator’s proficiency check combined with the proficiency check for revalidation of the rating, then you do not have to have completed the route sectors listed above.

    Failing the proficiency check

    If you do not achieve a pass in all sections of the proficiency check before the expiry date of the rating then you cannot exercise any of the privileges of the rating until you have passed the proficiency check.

    • Terms & Condition

      Althoug the price is based on "fair use" and represents an all inclusive amount we will re-charge the student for any hour after passing the target hours for the Training course. The target is considered as legally required block hours plus 10hrs. For example SET(l): 10hrs. + 1 hrs. = Target 11 hrs block flight time for the instruction. This are FI costs, aircraft costs are not covered in this offer!

    • Training - All inclusive!

      • Administration fee at Alpe Adria Aviation Academy
      • 30 hrs. Classroom Training 
        • Traing material (books)
      • Flight Instruction 10 block time hours + 1 hours "fair use"
      • PA46T is not included in the "All Inclusive Offer!
    • Additional investment - please check carefully!

      • Class 2 medical certificate
      • PPL(A)
      • Flight Radio Telephony Operator License
        • FRTOL Class room for AFZ (EFZ & IR)
        • Examination fee at Authority
      • Language proficiency at least level 4 (mandatory for IR)
      • Flight Bag
        • Flight Bag
        • Flight Cap
        • Sun Glasses
        • ICAO Charts Europe
        • NAV Triangle 
        • NAV calculator or computer
        • Kneeboard
        • Pilot Logbook
        • Head Set (activ or passiv)
        • Survival Kit
      • Airport Klagenfurt (LOWK) Entry Card
      • Skill Test 
        • aeroplane
        • Approach, landing & parking fees
        • Examination fee
      •  Authority fee for paperwork
    • Skill Test

      At the end of training, and when all requirements for licence issue have been met, you will need to take a skill test with an examiner. The skill test (legally) takes place out of your flight training school´s (DTO or ATO) environment and responsibility, even we will  organise the infrastructure, equipment and examinier for our students.

      This is to demonstrate that the procedures and manoeuvres that you will have been taught during training can be carried out competently as pilot in command (PIC) on the relevant aircraft category. 

    € 6.800,00Price
    VAT Included |
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