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Cirrus Advanced Transition Training (VFR & IFR)

Cirrus Advanced Transition Training (VFR & IFR)


The Cirrus  Advanced Transition Training (VFR & IFR) targets on IFR-Pilots and Cirrus Owners which contains minimum 8 hrs. and typically 10 - 16 hrs. practical instructions on your own plane.  It contains the VFR part plus all IR related traing proceedures and ends with an typical IR PROFICIENCY Flight.  Before the practical traning starts you will get a CBT tranings course  of approx. 6 - 25 hrs. via Cirrus Approach Learning Portal. The typical duration for the Cirrus Advanced Transition Training lasts about 3 - 4 days. 


  • Normal Procedures/Aircraft Management
  • Engine Management
  • Avionic (Cirrus Perspective/Perspective+ or Avidyne)I
  • Autopilot & Flight-Director
  • Automation Management
  • Emergency & Abnormal Proceedures incl. CAPS 
  • IFR-Procedures (Departures, Holdings, div. Approaches e.g. LNAV, L/VNAV, LPV, ILS, VOR, Missed Approaches
  • High Altitude Flight (FL250)
  • FIKI flight into known iceing, if airplane is certified


We start our training, which will be held by a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot in the hangar with the plane powered on ground power.  That helps to get a faster idea about EFIS and the Cirrus Avionic System and Components.


The Cirrus Transition Trainings (VFR and IFR)  is often required by insurance companies and  represents the EASA FCL.710 endorsements " Difference Training" SEP(land)  EFIS, SLPC and if applicable TURBO. Parallely youwill get the EU-PBN 2016/539 rating credited.





  • Pricing, Terms & Conditions

    The typical training last approx. 3-4 days. The pricing is pased on 1.200€/per day and incl. VAT for the instructor (CSIP). In case you want to get your training at your homebase, pls. contact us. Travel expenses and other allowances are not included in the offer!

€ 3.600,00 Regular Price
€ 3.300,00Sale Price
VAT Included
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