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froz. ATPL(A) Airline Transport Pilot License Theory

froz. ATPL(A) Airline Transport Pilot License Theory

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You can start with your ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge training any time. We do recommend to do it in following steps:

  1. PPL(A) (1)
  2. IR Instrument Rating (3)
  3. MEP(l) Multi Engine Piston Class Rating (4)
  4. CPL(A) (5)
  5. ATPL(A) Theory (2)


The disadvatage 1-5. is, that you will do the examiniations IR & CPL twice.... plus you have to add the costs for the courses....  So, many people go for this scenario in order to get the IR Rating earlier for their personal flying and time-building...In case you do it like (2) (3)... it will take you some time to get the last examination for the ATPL(A) Theory before you can start wit IR, MEP(L), CPL(A)...but prevents double exaaminations at NCAA...


Requirements for issuing an ATPL:

  • Minimum age to get an ATPL is 21 years
  • Class 1 medical cerificate
  • hold a CPL (A) and a multi-engine IR for aeroplanes and have completed instruction in multi-crew co-operation (MCC).
  • required flight hours in aeroplanes see below



  • exercise all the privileges of the holder of a LAPL, PPL and CPL.
  • act as pilot in command (PIC) or co-pilot of aircraft flown for commercial air transport operations. 
  • act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aircraft.
  • act as co-pilot in commercial air transport. 


Theoretical knowledge examinations

When you apply for your ATPL, you must have previously passed the ATPL the